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Bringing Hearts Afire (HAPP®) to Your Parish is Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

1. Get to know the program and its three stages. In addition to the general information on this site, we offer more information in the leader's section.

2. Choose your start and end date. Your start date will be approximately 6-10 weeks (depending on the retreat or study) prior to the date you on which you will want to conclude.

3. Choose a Retreat Coordinator to help lead the HAPP® Program in your parish (that person may be you) and meet with your pastor.

4. Contact your rep — if you have one. If you have a Lighthouse Catholic Media Rep in your parish, contact him or her and ask for help in launching the program. The Marians Fathers have partnered with Lighthouse in bringing the HAPP® Program into thousands of parishes around the country. So if you parish has a Lighthouse rep, give him or her a call and get the HAPP® Program started in your parish! No Lighthouse rep? That's okay, the Marians are here to help you directly.