33 Days to Merciful Love Divine Mercy Sunday 2019 Consecration


Register! Retreat Coordinators register first. Then their Participants register and select the Coordinator’s name from a list.*


Listen to the weekly podcasts with Fr. Chris Alar, MIC. Not only will he share his thoughts and encouragement, but he’ll also be picking at random a group that has registered and sending each person in the group a free gift!** New winner each week.


Watch the Marian Father’s EWTN Divine Mercy Sunday live broadcast as Fr. Chris recites the Merciful Love consecration prayer on the air.


Email your group consecration photo to [email protected] after Divine Mercy Sunday. We’ll combine the photos from each group into a digital “yearbook” and email it to you.***


Welcome Video


*No email? Ask your Retreat Coordinator to register you.

**The weekly drawing is open to groups who have at least 5 or more people.

***All group consecration photos are DUE by 4/30/19 to [email protected] in order to be included in the digital consecration yearbook. Only one photo per group will be accepted. The yearbook is open to any size group. Please allow for 2-3 weeks for completion of the digital yearbook.