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Before you do anything, watch this short tutorial

Tutorial Recap:

Here's How the Group Retreat Works:

1.Gather a group.

Better yet, gather several groups of six
to twelve people who want to consecrate themselves to Jesus through Mary.

2.Find a place to meet.

Ideally, this would be at a parish
with the permission of the pastor,
but your group can also meet at
someone's home

3.Read, Ponder, Meet("RPM")

Get rev ved up! and...

  • Read...

Read the daily meditation in the retreat book, 33 Days to Morning Glory.

  • Ponder...

Ponder the daily meditation with the help of the Retreat Companion.

  • Meet...

Meet with your group for weekly prayer, discussion, and to watch the accompanying talks on DVD.

Who You Need to Have a Group Retreat:

1.Retreat Coordinator

The Retreat Coordinator organizes and runs the retreat by implementing and overseeing the program. This person also choose the core team to assist in the planning and running of the retreat. The Retreat Coordinator is encouraged to work closely with his her pastor.

2.Small Group Leader

Facilitates individual small group discussion. This person is not a teacher or an expert, but an excellent listener an one whose role it is to keep the small group conversation moving.


The participants read and ponder the
retreat materials and attend the weekly

Here's What You'll Need


Large Group: (15 Minutes) You'll begin each session coming together in a large group to begin with prayers and watch the 5 minute opening video for that session. This is also a great time for the Retreat Coordinator to make any announcements. Allow 15 minutes for this time and the transition of all participants to their small groups.

Small Group: (45 Minutes) Small groups meet for a 45 minute discussion time following the guideline laid out in the Retreat Companion. The small group dynamic is a very important aspect of the retreat.

DVD: (30 Minutes) Following the small group discussion, participants will reconvene in a large group for 30 minutes of guided retreat on the DVD. Each session ends with a blessing and a sending.

Next Step: Introduce Hearts Afire to your parish.